10 key benefits of role play for children

Here is a list of the key benefits of role play in Early Years.

  1. Develops communication and language skills,
  2. Allows children to act out and make sense of real-life situations,
  3. Allows children to explore, investigate and experiment,
  4. Develops social skills as children, collaborate with others,
  5. Encourages children to empathises: by taking on the role of character teaches children an understanding of different perspectives,
  6. Helps children learn about different cultures,
  7. Encourages children to express their ideas and feelings in a relaxed environment,
  8. Develops children’s awareness of themselves and others,
  9. Gets children learning more as learning is disguised as play,
  10. Sparks creativity and imagination.

How can you take the importance of role play and incorporate it into other subjects?

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