10 Reasons To Embrace Physical Activity

Encouraging children to be physically active is unquestionably important and here are 10 reasons why you should ensure that EYFS children in your setting are active.

  1. Self-Esteem – Children experience a sense of achievement as they play by being active children can immediately have their confidence boosted.
  2. Physical Development – Being active obviously contributes towards children’s overall physical development and helps to develop their physical literacy
  3. Improve Academic Achievement – Studies have been carried out that link children being physically active to improving their academic performance.
  4. Communication & Literacy – As children are active there are lots of opportunities for discussion and the development of new vocabulary.
  5. Social Skills – Building friendships and working with their peers is a necessary part of being active, which can help to develop children’s ability to communicate with their peers.
  6. Control Weight – Getting children active can help children to control their weight and create positive habits around the importance of being physically active.
  7. Self-Expression – Being active is fun and can allow children to express themselves outside of a classroom environment where they have more room to move freely.
  8. Problem-Solving – As children perform various task and skills they are constantly feeding back to themselves. These tasks will help them to develop solutions and problem-solving skills.
  9. Stress & Anxiety – Allowing the children to have ‘a good run around’ can help to reduce stress levels and improve children’s mood levels.
  10. Happy – Research tells us that being active releases lots of happy chemicals and helps us to feel better about ourselves.

The evidence is stacked in favour of the importance of getting children physically active and the starting pointing should always be with our youngest children.

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