5 Tips to Improve Your PE Lessons

Here are 5 tips that will help you when teaching PE.

1, Get the children active. You should plan for at least 80% of your lesson to be physical, so plan lots of activities and give the children plenty of opportunities to practise the skills you’re teaching.

2, Flow. Is there a good flow to your lesson? Children’s attention spans at Early Years can be short, so plan to change the activity quite frequently and have a sixth sense when you feel you need to change it.

3, Planning. Have a clear idea on what your outcomes are for the lesson. You may be following a scheme or your own planning. Just have the end in mind and work towards your success criteria for the lesson.

4, Differentiation. Children come in all different shapes and sizes. They have different ability levels and it’s important that all children are appropriately challenged. So, make sure you have ideas on how you can make tasks easier or harder. It’s a good idea to think about these things before you take the lesson.

5, Use a Narrative. Children love stories and role play. So, firstly make your lesson an adventure and then include the skill development. This really is a great way of engaging children in your lessons, and makes it so much more fun!

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