Physical skills can help with numeracy

Oct 18, 2017

There is a research out there that physical skills can play a big role in contributing towards children’s growing understanding of numbers, shapes and more…

Here are a few examples of how active lessons can help:

1, Using the whole body to count, e.g. hopscotch or jumping between stepping stones, helps embed a knowledge of numbers.

2, Whole body movements create knowledge of spatial awareness and positional language (over, under, in, on).

3, Using fingers to count with gives a concrete context to abstract numbers as well as the sensory feedback.

4, Block play as a way of developing both fine and gross motor skills helps children to learn about 3D shapes, weight, size, volume and distances.

5, Dance and music based physical movement helps children become aware of rhythm and beats, both of which help with the repeat ‘rhythms’ of mathematics.

So, when you’re planning your lessons or if you are following a scheme look at ways that you can incorporate numbers into the lessons, as the benefits on children’s learning is clearly evident.


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