In the same way that birds fly, fish swim and animals move, toddlers are designed to toddle. The joy on their faces, from the first steps a child takes, shows that they are indulging in the potential of their freedom of movement (albeit stumbling and tumbling at first). The abilities of biomechanical self-propulsion are a vital component of the human body and a key indicator of healthy development in a child. It is the reason that parents all over the world celebrate ‘baby’s first step’ as one of the major landmarks of them growing up. The early years development stage of a child’s growth is vital to its future. With a whole lifetime ahead of them, it is important to give children the best start as soon as possible and this period of their life is key. The latest neurological research shows a very clear link between physical activity and mental capacity. The early years stage (from 2-5 years old) is particularly prone to this sort of influence because young children are developing so rapidly throughout their bodies.

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