Fostering A Positive Association With Being Active

Helping children to adopt positive early attitudes towards physical activity are vital and embedding this from an early age really does matter.

The case for promoting and encouraging a lifestyle that includes physical activity is unquestionable, and as a nation, the steady decline of an active lifestyle in our young people is inexcusable.

So, what is happening at home and in our schools?

Studies have shown that children are not just ‘naturally active’ or ‘inactive’, but they take their parents lead in developing healthy exercise habits early on.

This strong influence from parents on children’s levels of physical activity, through both modeling and re-enforcement of exercise behaviours, will undoubtedly help children to adopt a positive attitude towards exercise.

We know influence doesn’t just come from parents.

Physical Education and sport in schools play a very important role in encouraging children to be active. If children fall in love with being active through their experiences at schools it outlines the important role that teachers can play in fostering a positive association with being active.

Without the formulation of early positive experiences of activity. There is a chance that many children will miss out on the social, mental and physical benefits it provides.

To change this picture, more work needs to be done by all parties to ensure that all children are given the opportunities they require and support they need.

It is a huge challenge for all those involved; however, it is one that will shape the lives of children across the UK.

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