Long Term Plan – EYFS PE.

Sometimes knowing where to start with a long-term plan for PE can be challenging.

You need to consider the classes ability, how best to build upon previous learning and what activities are most appropriate to do when.

So, here’s a rough guide on what we’d suggest for a long-term plan for PE with EYFS.

Autumn 1: Focus on fundamental movement techniques; running, stopping, chasing, changing direction and negotiating space.

Autumn 2: Experiment with different ways of moving in Gymnastics. Include equipment to move over, under and around.

Spring 1: Focus on dance moves to further improve children’s gross motor skills

Spring 2: Focus on improving children’s key manipulation skills; throwing, rolling, bouncing and catching.

Summer 1: Focus on skill development in playing with different equipment and different game based activities.

Summer 2: Continue with focusing on skills development in different games and include more cooperative and group based exercises.

You’ll obviously need to consider which teaching activities are suitable to challenge the children and look to build a medium-term plan for each area.

We hope this is useful, and if anybody wants to know more, then we’re happy to help.

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