Meet the Characters

At the heart of the Sport Xplorers concept are our four unique characters: Handy Harry, Skilful Sally, Balancing Bella and Fast Freddie. They all focus on a different area of physical development for early years and each has loads of captivating adventures to help the children gain new skills and have fun at the same time.

Hey, I’m Skilful Sally.

Super-powers: Amazing Dribbling, Fantastic Turning, Perfect Passing, Super Shooting and Cool Control.

Favourite sports: Hockey, Football, Handball

Mission statement: ‘Join me as you learn new tricks and skills to make you the coolest kid in town.’

Hey there, I’m Handy Harry.

Super-powers: Top Throwing, Careful Catching, Lofty Lobbing, Awesome Accuracy and Reliable Rolling!

Favourite sports: Basketball, Cricket, Golf, Tennis

Mission statement: ‘Throwing, catching and rolling I’m the best, join me to be better than the rest.’

Hiya, I’m Balancing Bella

Super-powers: Fantastic Balancing, Crazy Rolling, Super Jumping, Awesome Agility, Crafty Creativity.

Favourite sports: Dance and Gymnastics

Mission statement: ‘I will help you become bendy, stretchy and light on your toes.’

Yo! I’m Fast Freddie.

Super-powers: Amazing Agility, Super Speed, Master Dodging, Brilliant Balancing and Crazy Crawling

Favourite sports: Dodgeball, Tag Rugby, Athletics. 

Mission statement: ‘Come with me and I will teach you to dodge, dip and be super fast!’

The Sport Xplorers


The Sport Xplorers mission is to halt the efforts of Grumpy Grizzly, using their Super-Powers, whilst playing their favourite sports.

Do you accept the challenge to help us defeat Grumpy Grizzly?!

Sport Xplorers PE resources


Fun to teach and thoroughly engaging for the children

EYFS Framework

All the lesson plans have been integrated with the EYFS early learning goals!

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Each lesson has a set of easy to follow and clear learning outcomes

Easy To Use

Lesson plans are structured in an easy to follow format

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You can use the resource for 12 months and if your not a 100% satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund*. *our experience from working with 100’s of teachers tells us that you’ll love the Sport Xplorers resources.

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