Our Mission

When we set out on our mission to build a set of resources that would support early years teachers to teach fun, engaging and challenging PE lessons, our vision was to create the best set of teaching resources for early years teachers in the world.

We want to give every child the best possible early experience of physical activity and challenge children to develop quicker. The aim is to achieve this by tackling physical activity at its roots, which is with our youngest children in schools. We set out to develop a set of resources that we were proud of and we knew teachers would be excited about using because they link to lots of areas of learning, they’re fun, engaging and easy to use.

Our characters in Sport Xplorers, who are Handy Harry, Skilful Sally, Balancing Bella and Fast Freddie are without doubt the stars of the resource and knit the whole programme together. Their adventures and missions are the creative soul that makes the whole concept unique and helps to engage children with the lessons.

Our mission will not stop until we can rid all PE lessons of boring, unimaginative ideas!

We can guarantee that we will keep evolving the Sport Xplorers library of resources and what you see now will be evolved into bigger and better things in the future, so get involved today and make our mission your mission to improve physical activity for our youngest children.