Some Schools Are Focusing On The Wrong Things! Is Your School?

Is there too much emphasis placed in the wrong areas when it comes to PE in schools, especially Early Years?

I want to make, what I believe, is a very important point.

In Early Years, we know children can take a while to get changed. Let’s say on average it takes up to 10 minutes for children to get changed at the start and end of a lesson, therefore 20 minutes in total. If they then have two PE lessons a week, then that’s 40 minutes a week, across 39 weeks of the year, adds up to 1560 minutes.

Therefore, 1560 minutes is the equivalent to thirty-five, 45 minute lessons of getting changed! Which is astonishing and quite shocking.

Surely, it would make better use of the children’s allocated time for PE, that the children are active and ideally 80% of the lesson is active because currently some schools will be spending up to 35% of the lesson getting children changed.

We have issues in this country around child obesity and teachers are working towards helping children achieve various Early Learning goals for Physical Development… but some schools aren’t helping themselves.

If children spent 35% of their lesson sharpening their pencil before they practiced writing their name or spent 35% of the lesson waiting for a computer to load up. Would this be okay? No. So why is it okay in PE that a third of the lesson is spent getting changed.

Why do some schools insist on spending time getting children changed as an important skill that children need to practice?

I don’t know any adult that hasn’t mastered the art of getting changed.

Just ask the children to get their pumps on and let’s get them active, as this is going to have far more impact on their physical development, than learning how to not get your jumper stuck on your head.

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