Teaching Time vs Preparation Time

For most teachers, the time spent planning lessons and administrating their work massively outweighs the time they get to spend actually teaching children. It is one of those ‘chicken and egg’ or ‘having your cake and eating it’ scenarios which is a very real problem in the ultra-busy, modern world in which we live. Imagine if all that a teacher ever had to do was teach!

Early Years Foundation Scheme: Development Matters

All teachers of young children will be familiar with the EYFS Development Matters document; and it is an invaluable guide and source of planning and managing Schemes of Work for early years children. But it is also an intricate and in-depth aide and one that many teachers simply will not have the time to fully appreciate.

The sharpest tool in the box

One of my favourite time and life management stories is the anecdote about the two wood-chopping brothers. Being brothers, they were very competitive and this particular day was the first time they’d ever had occasion to work together on a job. The older brother, who was also the stronger of the two, was eager to show his sibling who was the boss and rushed off to start chopping away at the base of the first tree on his side of the forest. The younger brother, who was slightly wiser if truth be told, took one look at his axe blade and decided a bit of preparation might ease the day ahead. So, he spent the first hour and a half of his morning introducing his blade to a sharpening stone and some fine oil.

By the time the younger brother had arrived at his first tree, his big brother was already several trees down and beginning to feel the strain. By the end of the day, however, even though the brother with the sharpest blade found time to stop for a little bit of lunch in the heat of the day, he had far out-chopped his brother’s efforts and left him with just a hungry, weary, battered ego.

The moral of the story is, of course, that good preparation can make life’s tasks easier, more enjoyable and certainly more productive.

Pre-prepared preparation is the key…

Although it would, perhaps, have robbed the wood-choppers parable of its point – an even smarter strategy would be to start the day with a brand new pre-sharpened axe, straight from its box.

One of the things we do here, at Sports Xplorers, is to provide resources for teachers. We learned long ago that repeating the same work over and over again is another fruitless endeavour. So, we sought out talented experts, both internally and externally, and developed a library of early learning Schemes of Work for physical development.

To date, we have around 65 of these pre-prepared lessons available online and they have been used, tried and tested by hundreds of teachers across the UK. Since we first started pulling these resources together we have continually sharpened the edges and kept them updated, relevant and in line with the EYFS requirements.

If you are looking for a credible, proven resource or you know any other early years teachers who are fighting a losing battle against time – get in touch and let’s see if we can help. 

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