The Secret Life of 5 Year olds

Did you watch the current series of the Channel 4 programme ‘The Secret Life of 5 Year olds’?

The programme is hugely entertaining and gives the viewers a great insight into the world of 5 year olds.

I’m always fascinated by how vivid children’s imaginations are and when you watch the programme, there’s always several scenes of children pretend playing. You may have a group of children playing ‘mommy and daddy’ and another group of children playing ‘cowboys and Indians’.

Role play is a key component of a child’s learning of their world. It helps with children’s social skills, communication skills, it helps them express their feelings and encourages them to explore and be creative.

So, do we do enough in PE lessons to support this area of learning?

Because we know that there are loads of benefits for the children in pretend play, so is your lesson on throwing and catching about trying to land the food in the trolley at the supermarket or your lesson on movement getting the children to act out different moves as animals at the zoo.

If not, it should be.

The point is you should be using role play in your PE lessons to take the children on different adventures each week, as it’s so much more fun for the children and there is so many other benefits to pretend play.

If you’ve missed the series, then I recommend you get it on catch up now. It’s well worth a watch.

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